1. Marcie

Composed by Joni Mitchell
Arranged and performed by Heather Wensley
Soprano saxophone - Edward Leaker
Keyboards - Andy Nowak
Drums - Andy Tween
Percussion - Lisa Cherian
Cello - Alison Gillies
Guitar - Jerry Crozier-Cole


Marcie in a coat of flowers steps inside a candy store, reds are sweet and greens are sour, still no letter at her door. So she'll wash her flower curtains, hang them in the wind to dry, dust her tables with his shirt and wave another day goodbye. Marcie's faucet needs a plumber, Marcie's sorrow needs a man, red is Autumn, green is Summer, greens are turning and the sand. All along the ocean beaches, stares up empty at the sky, Marcie buys a bag of peaches, stops a postman passing by.